My rates are designed to spend time where it is needed most. I offer free setup time for all audio recording work. This includes gear setup and sound-checks. I am dedicated to helping clients get the sound they are looking for and would much rather get it right before the little red light comes on. Not only will this improve the overall sound, it will also save time and money on editing, mixing and mastering.

I offer free consultations for just about any project. I like to meet with my clients a few days before the session or event, during which time, we discuss what he/she is looking for and work out the details.

Clients may choose between two pricing strategies:  Flat fee, or hourly rate.  

The flat fee option gives you the freedom not to worry about the clock ticking.  The fee will be agreed upon after the consultation but before any work begins, and is not subject to change.  

Hourly rates are as follows:

Studio Recording - $20/hour (+studio fees if applicable*)

On-Site Multitrack Recording - $30/hour**

Live Stereo Recording - $30/hour**

Live Multitrack Recording - $50/hour**

Mixing, Editing, Mastering - Flat fee; varies by project

Analog to Digital Transfers - Flat fee; varies by project

Post-production Sound Design - Varies by project

Custom-Built PC's - Contact for free quote

General PC Repairs - Contact for free quote

*Studio rates will vary from studio to studio. I'll work with you to determine which one is right for your sound and your budget. 

**+$0.50/mile for distances traveled over 40 miles